Play It Where It Lies

 I am writing today from the beautiful Tampa Bay area. 

That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ. 1 Peter 1:7 


 I have a confession to make. Often when I play golf I don’t play by the rules, if my opponent will allow me not to. For example, if I hit into the woods or a bunker, I will find my golf ball and throw it out onto the fairway instead of having to hit my way out. After all, all fairways are different and if I had been on another fairway I probably would not have hit into the woods or bunker anyway, so it’s just not fair. Why should I have to deal with something that could have been avoided by just playing on a different course? It’s not fair for other people to compare my score to theirs if they have not played on the same course.  

At least that’s how I used to play but not anymore. In a Bible study I was giving tonight somebody said something that totally changed how I look at my golf game as well as life. We were talking about the trials God sees us through and talking about how those trials make us stronger. We mentioned the Andre Crouch song called “Through It All.” In that song Andre asks the question, “If I didn’t have any problems how could I know my God could solve them?” 

 That is when it hit me. Back in early February I was watching the AT&T Pebble Beach PGA classic on TV. I remembered when Steve Lowry who later won the classic, was hitting out of a sand trap in the middle of the fairway. I marveled when he hit out of the sand trap and onto the green some 150 or 200 yards away just a few feet from the hole! What a beautiful shot! I am lucky if I can just get out of the trap. No way could I ever get up onto the green from a trap that far away. Tonight it hit me that I never will be able to do that if I keep throwing my ball into a more favorable position instead of just playing it where it lies, like Steve Lowry did. God will never be able to show me and the world what He can do for and through me unless I learn in golf and life to just play the ball wherever it lies. I can make excuses that I am just on a tough fairway and should be excused from the trial. I can just pick up my ball and drop it in a more favorable spot and just hit from there. Or I can just call upon the really great God that I have to help me right where I am. I can go play on an easier course or I can let God develop the skills I need to win right where I am.

From now on, I will play my way out of the woods and out of the sand traps and bunkers, so I can develop myself into the type player who, will one day hit out of a difficult place right onto the green next to the hole. I won’t be just dropping the ball out of the woods and traps to a more favorable spot. I will be facing my trials head on. I won’t be blaming my problems on the particular fairway I am on. I will accept my lot in life and just play the ball where it lies. I will allow God to use these trials to make me a better person not just on the golf course but in life. 

 Who knows? Maybe one day my most beautiful shot in golf or life may come while I am in the woods or a sand trap.

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  1. Eloquently stated! As you know, I’m going through a trial of my own right now. Learning to trust God in everything can be tough sometimes, but
    it’s a lesson we all need to learn.




  2. This is so wonderfully addressed. I’m adding it as an entry to my journal for today so that I can remember where I was on this date and how far I’ve come when I look back on it. I LOVE to look “back” on the trials because that means God walked me through it – AMEN!!

    Thank you for your take on lifes trials – keep up the good work and keep fighting the good fight.




  3. Dear ChristianServant,
    You may or may not know a certain trial my daughter had this day (and her family). I’d rather it not be discussed, but when I was praying for her comfort in the LORD I thanked God for the trial. I know if someone who doesn’t know the Bible hears this, they might think I was crazy to say such a thing…to be thankful for a trial. But the Holy Spirit led me in praying thus, as I know that God always has a purpose in our trials…they are to work patience and teach us to be more Christ-like, to prepare us to be ready when He comes. So we can be thankful for them. I loved the devotion you wrote about working from where we are to where God wants us to be instead of using excuses, or unfair play to get a better shot at things. Thank you for your insight. It really blessed me today. GOD BLESS YOU !!! Catherine


  4. Sometimes as I get older I begin to think I’ve heard it all but every once in a while someone presents a message in a new light. Thank you, I feel blessed after reading Play It Where It Lies.



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