Thanksgiving and Faith


I am writing again today from the beautiful Tampa Bay Area.

And he said to the woman, Thy faith hath saved thee; go in peace.  Luke 7:50


Jesus told the woman who had given the fragrant perfume that her faith had saved her. That faith was more than an intellectual knowledge that Jesus existed. It was even more than just believing He was going to die for her. The woman understood that Jesus was going to die for her so since He was giving all of Himself for her, she decided to show her appreciation by giving all of herself to him. That bottle of perfume cost her everything. But after Jesus gave all she could not hold anything back. She had to show her appreciation. Her faith was more than a belief it was an appreciation that worked itself out in sacrificial giving. At the tomb on Sunday morning fear kept the disciples away, but this woman’s appreciation was so strong it could not hold her back. Her thankfulness and appreciation is what gave her faith the power to reflect Christ in her own life.


Thankfulness and appreciation is what gives faith its power to help us overcome and live a Christian life.  A hope of reward cannot give our faith power and neither can the fear of punishment empower our faith. Reward and fear are legalistic motivational factors that always fail. Yet we see in the life of the woman who anointed Jesus’ feet and in countless others that thankfulness and appreciation produce a faith that overcomes the world.


And it was appreciated by Christ. Back in Christ’s time people did not take baths all the time like we do, so they put on potent perfume to help them not smell so bad. The scent could last for days and with this woman emptying the whole bottle on Jesus, He carried the scent of this perfume to the cross a few days later. While people mocked Him on the cross and ridiculed Him He was tempted to believe His great sacrifice was all for nothing. Then He would press his feet into those cruel spikes to lift himself so He could grasp for air and would take in the aroma of the perfume and remembered that someone did indeed appreciate His sacrifice. True appreciation is not expressed with words only, but even more so in the life. This is true appreciation, thankfulness and faith. There are many kinds of faith and levels of faith, but appreciation and thankfulness are the substance of the only faith that saves.


This thanksgiving season I have much again to be thankful for. No hurricanes hit us this summer. With a depressed economy I still have a job and a home. I have good friends who always look out for me. I have my family and still have my parents who just celebrated their 50th anniversary.





 But most of all Jesus died for me and loves me. One day a hurricane could very well hit Tampa. My apartment and job could be washed away in a flash. My family and friends could one day be gone too. Still I will continue to be thankful to the One who owes me nothing but has given me everything. Above all Lord, help us to be thankful for your great love and sacrifice.


So, please comment and let me know what you are thankful for this season.


Happy Thanksgiving!


Your Christian Servant,



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  1. I have so many things to be thankful to the Lord for, but in short:

    I thank God because, in spite of the wickedness of this world, we still can see glimpses of the beauty of His Creation.

    I thank Him for His Word, which guides me, comforts me and gives me hope.

    I thank that the Holy Spirit understands my weaknesses and prays for me.

    I thank that the Lord is with me through the trials of this life, which draw me to Him, and remind me that this earth is not my home.

    I thank God for my wonderful family, my friends, the church, and the opportunities to help others to know about His awesome love for us.

    I am so thankful for the gift of faith, and because of Jesus Christ I can have eternal life


  2. hello brother willian i`m ever garcia my from chiclayo – peru
    hace tiempo que no se nada de usted ni de susan y dan francisco como les va… quisiera saber noticias de ustedes los quiero mucho “QUE DIOS LE BENDIGA SIEMPRE” GRACIAS por el proyector que nos regalaron a nuestra iglesia de carlos stein chiclayo – peru adios amigo


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