Why Its a Blessing to be Hungry

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I am writing tonight from the beautiful Tampa Bay area.


After reading this passage tonight in Early Writings something dawned on me. Here is what I read, “I was shown a time when Satan especially triumphed. Multitudes of Christians were slain in a dreadful manner, because they would preserve the purity of their religion. The Bible was hated, and efforts were made to rid the earth of it. The people were forbidden to read it, on pain of death; and all the copies which could be found were burned. But I saw that God had a special care for His Word. He protected it. At different periods there were but a very few copies of the Bible in existence, yet He would not suffer His Word to be lost, for in the last days copies of it were to be so multiplied that every family could possess it. I saw that when there were but few copies of the Bible, it was precious and comforting to the persecuted followers of Jesus. It was read in the most secret manner, and those who had this exalted privilege felt that they had had an interview with God, with His Son Jesus, and with His disciples. But this blessed privilege cost many of them their lives. If discovered, they were taken to the headsman’s block, to the stake, or to the dungeon to die of starvation.” {EW 214.2} 

We often talk about all the modern conveniences we have today. Cars, microwaves, washers and dryers, cell phones in our pockets, even the Internet in our pocket phones and on our laptops. However when we get to heaven and meet with people who have lived in every age of Earth’s history none of them will be in awe of our Facebook privileges or fancy sports cars. In heaven, while talking to someone who lived during the dark ages what will impress them the most is, we had Bibles! I love the Internet and Facebook because it keeps me in touch with all of my friends, but those who treasure God’s Word see the Bible as an “interview with God!” How cool is that! 

Our mothers told us there were kids starving in Africa when we did not eat our physical food, but blessed is the mother who reminded us of those starving spiritually when we did not want to eat the Bread of life. I look at the world today and I pray, no I beg God to create a hunger in us all for God’s Word. In Matthew 5 Jesus says, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness.” While millions starve to death in Africa where there is famine and no food there are also millionaires who have starved to death right here in America. Why? Not because they had no money or food but because they had no appetite! Certain diseases robbed them of their appetite and they starved to death right here in America where food is everywhere. Likewise millions are starving not just from the dark ages but in today’s age with Bibles all over the place. They are starving to death because they have no desire for God’s Word. They are not hungry for God’s Word. See why Jesus said hungry people are so blessed, they will eat! They will do something about their situation. 

A while back I was talking with a man who I was supposed to be having Bible studies with. That is what he invited me over for. Yet he never wanted to study, jus talk. He told me about his uncle who really knew the Bible. His uncle actually had some crazy ideas but my friend thought he was a Bible Scholar. Finally I asked my friend how he knew his uncle knew so much about the Bible without knowing it himself. Friends the Bible must be studied personally. We must study it for ourselves. It is like a personal interview with God, not a group interview. No one can study it for us for the simple fact that we can never know who really knows it unless we know it too! The only way I can know if you know the Bible or not, is if I know it too. 

I am praying tonight for God to make us all hungry for His Word. I am praying that we will treasure our Bibles more than our computers or anything else!


  1. First thing I read this morning were your comments William.

    How true and how sad. I had asked someone at church to teach Sabbath School for me once, a leader, and they said “I’ll have to dust off my Bible.”

    I could point my finger at him and say “what a bad example” but then I’d have to point it at myself for how many times have I choosen something else instead of the Bible.

    We live in crazy times and Satan tries so hard to keep us preoccupied with everything else but the true bread we should be eating daily.

    Amen to your prayer for us all!


  2. William, thank you again for bringing up just the right subjects we need to hear about. Bill and I have been discussing about reading and studing the bible more like we should recently. And no, he has not found his bible yet. We need to study each and every day our Lords words and stories to understand what was and is to come. We are so guilty to not have studied like we should. Please pray for us. We enjoy reading your studies and the Lord bringing you in to so many of our lives.You are a great servant of the Lord and we appreicate you very much. You live what you preach and that is so important to us students. Thank You and God Bless you.


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