He is Risen!

I am writing this morning from the beautiful Tampa Bay area.

Happy Resurrection Morning! When Jesus rose from the dead so did all of our hopes and dreams. As we contemplate this incredible event here are some of my thoughts.

It’s a good thing I’m not Jesus. I would have done things so differently. First, when I had risen I would have gone straight to the leaders in Jerusalem and tell them I was back and now they were done in for not believing in me. Not Jesus, He never did that. I guess He had nothing to prove to them. Instead He appears to a former prostitute and tells her He is going to heaven to live forever as her Savior. That’s the thing about Jesus, He seemed to spend all His time impressing the wrong people if you know what I mean. How can little children, publicans and sinners help you get ahead in life? I guess getting ahead in life was not his aim. His aim was helping people.

Not only does Jesus not have anything to prove to the religious leaders of His day, but He also seemed to have a bad memory after His resurrection. He tells the women to tell Peter He is alive and will see him soon. Peter had denied Him. Jesus calls his betrayer “friend” and is given His life back so He can live His life saving people who denied Him!

Romans 6:3-6 tells us that baptism, not Sunday observance is the memorial to the resurrection. We too die to self and begin a new life. Our new life can be like Christ’s life! Imagine living your life with nothing to prove. Baseball season is starting and there are a lot of guys out there who will be hitting homeruns to prove why they should be given bigger contracts and be the league MVP at the end of the year. Some guys though, will be hitting homeruns to help their team win the game. Why do you want to hit the homeruns in your life? If you believe that Jesus died and rose again and behold the love that makes us children of God then you too, have nothing to prove. Just bask in God’s love.

If we are risen like Christ, then we too can go to all the world and tell them Jesus is risen and wants to meet us soon! This includes the Peters and Judas’ in my life. Joseph was born with an ambition to be great. After being sold as a salve in Egypt that dream died. He was given a new life in Egypt though, but He realized that the dream God had for Him was not to rule over those brothers who had hurt him, but rather to save them!  He easily forgave them because after all, he was a new creature. The old man that they betrayed and denied did not exist anymore! He became a new man that had never been hurt. His dreams and ambitions were resurrected, but his dream and ambition is to save others and not himself.

When Jesus rose He brought your dreams and ambitions back to life. Everything is new again. Enjoy your new life! Tell everyone, including Peter about your new life!

Here is a collection of Easter devotionals.


  1. William,
    When you wrote about the baseball player hit home-runs to help his team and not himself, I thought of what I read this morning in my devotional. “God’s purpose for you is that you shall live a life that will make others better – a life which will show that Christ is formed within, the hope of glory. It is His purpose that you shall be able to say with the apostle Paul, ” I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me” Gal 2:20.” “Our loves are pure only when we are under the control of God, and happy only when we hold communion with Him.” We can not have true happiness in life without Him. Without God we are nothing.


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