Bloggers I Have Known

A few of my friends have started blogging here lately. I wanted to pass along some of their blogs so you can be blessed by them.

My friend, Wayne in Fort Worth, Texas, has a blog sharing the love of Jesus and preparing us to be ready for His soon return. He shares Bible passages, as well as personal stories and sports stories to win people to Jesus.

My friend Norma, in Minnesota, writes about everything from Minnesota, to food and everyday life, with a Christ centered approach. Very enjoyable reading.

My friend Adam, here in Tampa, blogs about his personal spiritual journey and inspiring passages that have helped him in his journey.

My friend, Alexys blogs about her family, friends, and life with Jesus.

My friend Rodlie, a local pastor here in Tampa, has a blog about sharing the gospel in the modern world.

My uncle, Tim in Georgia writes about his realtionship with God.



  1. Yes William, thanks! I’ll have to check out some of the other bloggers you know. Might be able to help me reach the group that mostly reads my blog — people who aren’t Christian.


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