Dwayne and Xaviers Baptisms

Today at the Tampa First Seventh-day Adventist Church we witnessed two beautiful  baptisms, as Dwayne and his son Xavier gave all of their lives to Jesus since He gave all of His life for them. I was privileged to study with both of them every Monday evening in the winter and Spring.  Xavier had never been baptized, while his father had wandered away and was coming back to God. We studied the In Light of The Cross Bible study guides, (Click here for Spanish version) and had some very stimulating discussions. Xavier, though young, took his studies very seriously and often asked well thought out questions. I am going to miss our studies!

Pastor Brad, our new Lead Pastor at Tampa First, went over the baptismal vows.

Before each baptism I had a prayer, asking for God’s grace to be with Dwayne and Xavier every day. Before the baptism though we played a special song for them called “I am New” by Jason Gray.

After the baptism Dwayne asked Xavier how he felt and he said “brand new!” Made me remember the day of my baptism when I felt brand new. It is a wonderful feeling!

After the baptism Pastor Brad presented Dwayne and Xavier with their baptism certificates, and then Dwayne’s mother Enid gave a heartfelt testimony encouraging other parents to not give up praying for their children to come to Jesus. Sister Enid and Brother Fitzgerald (Dwayne’s father) said that they “live on their knees” praying for their children.

 If you have not given your heart to Jesus and been baptized, then I encourage you not to wait for the sun to set on you before you give your life to Him. I would love to talk to you about this decision if you would like to write to me at LayPastor@TampaAdventist.net or call (813) 933-7505. We are already planning another baptism soon. If you do not live in the Tampa Bay area, feel free to contact me so I can assist you in finding a pastor in your area who can help you with this important step.


  1. this is what should make our church services go long. i would be happy to stay all sabbath long for new baptisms into God’s family. praise the Lord.


  2. That is neat and encouraging. See ya in a couple weeks.
    Your new pastor looks like a kid! Goodness, we’re getting old!


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