Kristin’s Baptism

Sabbath, November 26, 2011 was a grand celebration at Kristin’s home as her family and friends celebrated her baptism. The baptism was very special as she was baptized in the lake in her backyard. Also her Uncle John performed the baptism. Please enjoy the pictures and stories.

Kristin loves the Bible and sharing Jesus with others. Not only has she been an enthusiastic member of my baptism class at the Tampa First Seventh-day Adventist Church, and another one at Tampa Adventist Academy, but she is also currently in my Bible marking class. This is a class where I teach the 5th and 6th graders how to chain reference their Bibles, present studies and get decisions for Christ. Kristin is very involved, and her chain reference notes are written very well. Her notes are much easier to read than mine. Kristin is very active in the class. Last week I was teaching them how to do a chain reference Bible study on stewardship. I ended with a testimony on how I received a dollar an hour raise after paying my tithe back in the 1980’s. One student said a dollar is not that much. Kristin quickly defended me by pointing out, “You could buy a loaf of bread for 2 cents back then!”

Even though the baptism was not at the church, but was at the lake near her home, many of the church family came to witness and celebrate, including a reception before the baptism.

Following the reception, Pastor Brad and her uncle John shared with the group some thoughts about baptism and Kristin’s choice to follow Jesus. Kristin and her sisters also sang a song and played a few musicals of praise before the baptism.

Kristin shared with me, “I want to get baptized because I want to get to know Jesus better and dedicate my life to Him. He died for me and I love Him and will die for Him. I want to be re-born because of Jesus.

This is a very big day for me. This baptism means a lot to me! I love Jesus with all my heart and I’m glad that Jesus is going to take away my sin.”

This morning, December 3, 2011 we voted Kristin into membership at the Tampa First Seventh-day Adventist Church. I shared with the church family how, the whole time I have known Kristin and her family, she has been very quick to see ways to serve and help others. When someone comes to visit her home she makes sure they are well taken care of. She is also very giving and helpful at church and school. One day while taking Kristin and her family to the airport, Kristin did not have a cord for her camera. Since I have the same camera she does, I loaned her my cord for her vacation. She hesitated to accept it at first and then accepted it very graciously. I realized that Kristin is very quick to give but slow to receive. I wish we all could be more like that. Even though Kristin is in the early part of her walk with Jesus, she is already very active in finding ways to serve God’s family and tell others about Jesus.

Please don’t let the sun go down before you give your heart to the one who has given His life and heart for you. I would love to visit with you about giving your life to Jesus and being baptized. Please contact me at


  1. Good choice Kristin!
    May the Good Lord bless and keep you every moment of every day.
    The Merryman Family.


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