Blogging Etiquette

I am writing from the beautiful Tampa Bay area.

Bloggers love to receive feedback on what we share with the world. In a humble attempt to make the blogging world a more pleasant place, here are some thoughts I have on blogging etiquette.

Okay, there is no better way to say this, so I am just going to come right out and say it. If a blogger does not allow your rebuttal to be posted on their blog for the whole world to read, it may not be that you are right, and they just don’t want to admit it. It may be that your argument is so absurd, that the blogger is saving you public embarrassment by just not publishing your argument. A while back someone made a comment on my blog, arguing with what I was saying. I know I am not always right. I will say I am one of the quickest people to admit when I see I am wrong. More than a few times I have told my Bible marking class of 5th and 6th graders, “I was wrong.” They found it refreshing for a teacher to admit their errors. I make many. However, in this case, I was right and the person rebutting my blog was being unreasonable. I knew this person, and that they hated Adventists and just liked to argue. I prayed and decided not to post their comment or respond. Later, while reading another blogger’s blog, I ran across the same person arguing with them too and even writing, “I bet you won’t post my comments because nobody does since I am right and they are wrong.” How sad this person doesn’t realize the true issue.

One time I posted the comments of a man arguing with me about my post. I then replied to his comment, sharing why I believed the way I did. He then responded with another post that must have been three pages long. Sorry, if you are going to write that long of a comment you need to get your own blog! I did not post his thesis.

Another time, a man posted a comment on my blog, once again with a different point of view. I posted his comment and then posted my reply. He replied once again with a rebuttal. After several exchanges I told him we need to agree to disagree. He still sent more comments trying to argue. My policy is, that if you continue contacting me to argue, after I have already said, “let’s agree to disagree” you are now considered a psychopath! I started deleting his comments and personal e-mails without even reading them. Several weeks later they finally stopped coming.

Sure, I enjoy those comments commending my posts and confirming my point of view. However, I need to be challenged in my thinking, and I need to quickly admit when I am wrong. I will “come to my senses” a lot quicker when comments are polite and reasonable. Thanks to all of you who post polite and reasonable comments commending AND criticizing my blog. I post ALL comments that are politely and reasonably written, regardless if I agree or not.


  1. I feel compelled to agree with you on that point within reason. Too many people abuse the comment section for diatribes that usually don’t make sense. Yahoo doesn’t sensor their posts unless a user marks the comment as Spam or Inappropriate and you should see the things that people post that are totally unrelated.


  2. William, I respect you for this. And I’m in agreement, and thank you for not posting anything that would publicly embarrass me! I appreciate that very much. I’m one of those who might be guilty of posting such a thing. I have too many opinions, at times, and love to take part in ‘the talk’. Sometimes I just need to learn to keep my opinions to myself LOL True!


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