Hey! That’s Not Tampa Bay!

I am writing tonight from the beautiful Tampa Bay area.

Hey everybody, hope your weekend has been as wonderful as mine, and that you are continuing to enjoy our current Sabbath School lessons on witnessing and evangelism. I have decided to have a little fun with my blog. You know how most all of my posts begin with a picture of the Tampa Bay area and my little caption, “I am writing tonight from the beautiful Tampa Bay area.” Well, I have decided that sometime within the next few weeks or months, I am going to post a picture that is not within a 50 mile radius of Tampa Bay. I will still be writing from Tampa Bay most likely, but the picture will not be of the Tampa Bay area. If you notice the picture is not within a 50 mile radius of Tampa Bay (It could be as far away as Peru) and you are the first person to e-mail me at LayPastor@TampaAdventist.net telling me the picture is not of the Tampa Bay area, then I will donate $100.00 to your favorite Christian church or Christian organization. There is a catch. You only get one guess for the entire contest. This keeps people from randomly guessing and e-mailing me everytime I make a post. So, keep an eye on In Light Of The Cross, and be the first one to email me when you notice a picture not from the Tampa Bay area, above my caption “I am writing from the Tampa Bay area” and your favorite Christian Church or Christian organization will be awarded $100.00! And here is a hint to get you started. The picture in this current post is of Tampa Bay.

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