Glimpses of the Cross Day 12; Focused on His Mission

I am writing today from the beautiful Tampa Bay area.

I am writing today from the beautiful Tampa Bay area.

They offered him wine drugged with myrrh, but he refused it. Mark 15:23

Jesus sets for us the perfect example of temperance on the cross. If healthy living was just about living longer, then Jesus might as well have gone ahead and drank the wine, because He was going to die when He was going to die anyway. But living healthy is about having a clearer healthier mind to feel impressions of the Holy Spirit and to keep our thinking clear and focused on our mission. Jesus, on the cross, was on a mission and had to keep His mind clear and focused.

In the Old Testament priests were forbidden to drink wine as they needed to stay focused on their ministry and mission. The New Testament teaches the priesthood of all believers. Therefore we all need to follow Jesus’ example of only eating and drinking at all times, that which will aid us in our ministry and our mission of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

For more on the topic click here.


  1. Healthy living is also about being able to do more ministry and more for others. So no matter how long we live, we need to be useful for God’s work. Thanks for these devotionals! Thought provoking and inspiring.


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