Growth Group Lesson #16 – Understanding

by Pr Denis Sand –

Objective of today’s dialogue: challenge people to be ready and willing to help others get to know God and understand his Word..

Welcome (15) – Fellowship

• What kind of things were hard for you to comprehend when you were in elementary school and why?
• Who helped you understand and how did he do it?
• What is hard for you to understand now?

Worship (15) – Worship
• Read Psalms 8:1-9
I’m a friend of God
• What are some of the joys that God has given you for which you are thankful? Pray fervently giving only thanks.

Word (30) – Discipleship
• Read Acts 8.26-40
• What kind of Christian was Phillip considering the fact that an angel gives him a mission and he rapidly obeys it? v26,27
• What kind of a man was the one sitting on the chariot? v27-34
• How does staying near  people help us to fulfill God’s mission? v29 How should we do it?
• When should we ask people if they understand? v30 Give examples.
• How can we help people “understand” the Bible, God and current events? v31,35
• What are the four principles found in Acts 8.35 that we need to follow when helping people understand the Bible? (Principles: begin where they are; explain it with the Bible, show how it’s good for them; center it all in Jesus)
• How prepared are you to help others understand the Bible? How could you be ready to help others understand the good news? v35
• Where can we get help so we understand?
• Why do you think the man asked for baptism? What is necessary to be baptized? v36-38
• What is the relationship between rejoicing in life with accepting Christ and being baptized? v39 How have you experienced it?
• What do you think God is trying to tell you tonight?
• How would you apply today’s message from now on?
• To do: Memorize a verse on how to teach the Bible to others: Acts 8:35

Works – Witness (15) – Ministry & Evangelism
• Ask someone from the group to share the vision of our group.
• Ask group members if they feel ready to help others understand? what can we do as a group to be prepared in the basics of faith in order to help others?
• Do you know anyone who wants to understand more about God, the Bible and current events? Write down the names and challenge group members to invite them to our group.
• Finalize asking: How can we pray for you tonight?

Refreshments– Fellowship
• Listen, listen, listen (you can eat too, but keep ears open).

Additional Resources: Acts of the Apostles, 106-111

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