Growth Group Lesson #2 Comforted

by Pr Denis Sand –
Objective of today’s dialogue: Challenge the group to live comforting others while we are at the same time receiving comfort from God.

Welcome (15) – Fellowship
• What could be some of the most hard and challenging situations one can face?
• How do you normally react to hardship and suffering?
• Do you have a story to share of some hardship and how you were comforted when you were a child?
• Why do people sometimes blame God for difficult circumstances?

Worship (15) – Worship
• Read Psalm 145:1-5
Shout to the Lord
Open the eyes of my heart
• Ask the group to share why they are thankful to God tonight, and then have them pray giving thanks in groups of two.

Word (30) – Discipleship
• Read 2 Corinthians 1:3-7
• What kind of God do we have according to v3?
• Why is God called the father of comfort? v3
• Why is it that God comforts us? v4
• How is it that God comforts us when we are troubled? v4
• What do you think God is trying to teach us in verse 6?
• How can we practically comfort others in their problems?
• How have other Christians helped you in difficult times? How did it feel? Share about that experience in a minute.
• Did God ever use you to comfort another person? How did it feel?
• How can we learn to rely more on God for comfort than on ourselves?
• What is God telling you tonight?
• Read Isaiah 51:12
o “I, even I, am he who comforts you. Who are you that you fear mortal men, the sons of men, who are but grass, NIV
o “I, I’m the One comforting you. What are you afraid of—or who? Some man or woman who’ll soon be dead? Some poor wretch destined for dust? MSS

• To do: Write now on a small card the key text of this week, 2 Corinthians 1.6. Carry it in your wallet or pocket, place it in your fridge and memorize it.

Works – Witness (15) – Ministry & Evangelism
• Do you know anyone who might be going through deep waters, troubled times, or hardship?
• What could we do this week, as a group, to show love, concern for that person?
• Consider writing a card as a group, visiting them, etc.
• Invite them to next week group meeting
• Remind you group that we are here for those who are not here yet!

Refreshments– Fellowship
• Mingle and share life with people.

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