Growth Group Lesson #6 – Cost

by Pr Denis Sand –

Objective of today’s dialogue: Challenge people to give it all for being a disciple of Jesus no matter the cost. To have Jesus as our top priority in our lives.

Additional resources: Read and study the material on the following pages about how to consecrate ourselves completely and be willing to pay the price.

Welcome (15) – Fellowship
• What was the cost you have to face when you decided to go to college, or move to the U.S? Or even getting married?
• What made you think it was worth it?
• What helped you be willing to pay the cost?

Worship (15) – Worship
• Read Psalm 33:1-3
Shout to the Lord
Above all
• Give thanks as a group for the things God is doing in the world and in your life.
• Pray together.

Word (30) – Discipleship
• Read Luke 14:25-33
• What did Jesus mean with “hate” father, mother, children, brother, sister and own life? v26
• In your words and practically, what is the cost of being a disciple of Christ? v26
• What happens when a person doesn’t count the cost of being a disciple?
• What is the meaning of the phrase “carry his cross and follow me” in v27?
• What lesson about the cost of being a disciple, can we draw from the parable of building a tower and the king going to war? v28-30, v31-32
• How do you feel about the cost of being a disciple? v33.
• Why is it really worth it to follow Jesus? Read Luke 9.23-25. Explain
• What costs of following Jesus seem high to people today? And to you right now?
• How can you apply Jesus’ counsel in v33?
• Read Gal 2:20 and see how Paul pay the price and was living his life
• Testimony: Share what price you had to pay to be a disciple of Jesus.
• What is God telling you tonight?

• To do: Write now on a small card the key text of this week Luke 9:23. Carry it in your wallet or pocket, place it in your fridge or car and memorize it during this week.

Works – Witness (15) – Ministry & Evangelism
• Do you know anyone who is struggling with paying the price of being a disciple of Christ?
• How will you help this week that person to see it’s really worth it?
• Call or visit them and tell them why for you it’s really, really worthy to be a disciple.
• Don’t forget to invite them to next week growth group meeting!

Refreshments– Fellowship
• Remember to talk to visitors! Learn their names, find what they do, what they passionate about, their worries and challenges
Additional Resources:  Steps to Christ – Chapter 5 – Consecration

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