The Messiah in Scripture, with Video Presentation

The place of His birthMicah 5:2Luke 2:4-7
His virgin birthIsaiah 7:14Luke 1:26-31
The slaughter of the childrenJeremiah 31:15Matthew 2:16-18
His flight into EgyptHosea 11:1Matthew 2:14,15
The time of His baptismDaniel 9:24,25Luke 3:1,21,22
His rejection by the peopleIsaiah 53:3John 1:11
His entrance into JerusalemZech 9:9Luke 19:29-38
His betrayal by a friendPsalm 41:9Luke 22:4748
The price of His betrayalZech 11:12Matthew 26:15
Spat upon and beatenIsaiah 50:6Matthew 26:67
Crucified between two thievesIsaiah 53:12Mark 15:27,28
The wounds in His bodyZech 12:10John 19:3420:27
Given vinegar and gall to drinkPsalm 69:21Matthew 27:34
Gambling for His clothesPsalm 22:17,18Matt 27:35,36
None of His bones were to be brokenPsalm 34:20John 19:32,33
To be buried with the richIsaiah 53:9Matt 27:57-60
His resurrectionPsalm 16:10Luke 24:1-7

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