2: The Fall-Sabbath School Lesson Teaching Plan

Prepared by William Earnhardt, for Sabbath School class, Sabbath, April 9, 2022.

Main Theme: As soon as mankind fell, God provided a Savior.

Read Together: Genesis 3:1-7. Discuss the main idea of this passage.

Study: What tactics did the serpent use to get Adam and Eve to fall?

Apply: If Satan could get Adam and Eve to fall, how easy it must be for us to fall? What is our defense against temptation? See Every Word of God Proves True. See also What Role Does the Bible Play in a World Where Everyone Does Whatever is Right in Their Own Eyes?

Share: Your friend asks you why in Romans 5 it talks about sin coming through Adam, when in reality Eve sinned first? What do you tell your friend? See 1 Timothy 2:14. What does this tell us about God only holding us accountable for what we know?

Read Together: Genesis 3:8-20. Discuss the main idea of this passage.

Study: What was the purpose of this “investigative judgment?” Did God not already know what Adam and Eve had done?

Apply: As soon as Adam and Eve were caught, they started pointing the finger. Why do we blame others for our mistakes, and how does pointing the finger and blaming others keep us from experiencing full salvation? See 2 Samuel 12:1-7. , Romans 2:1-4. See also John 5:1-8.

Share: A friend says, “Sin and suffering is all God’s fault. He never should have placed the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the garden with Adam and Eve.” How do you respond to your friend?

Read Together: Genesis 3:7, 21. Discuss the main idea of these passages.

Study: What was Adam and Eve’s solution for their sin and nakedness? What was the Lord’s solution? How does this relate to works and grace?

Apply: In light of these two verses, how is the way we clothe ourselves related to our salvation? See Luke 8:27,35.

Share: A friend states, “Adam and Eve tried to save themselves by their works by making a garment of fig leaves, but how could we be trying to save ourselves by our own works today? How do we know we are really trusting the Lamb of God to clothe us?” How do you respond to your friend?

Read Together: Genesis 3:15, Romans 16:20, Hebrews 2:14, and Revelation 12:17. Define the common idea in these passages.

Study: How is the plan of salvation, as well as the great controversy, revealed in these texts?

Apply: Why is it so comforting to see that, in Eden itself, where sin and evil on earth began, the Lord started to reveal the plan of salvation?

Share: Can you think of someone this week who needs to hear the plan of salvation? Can you share it with them this week?

“No sooner does one come to Christ than there is born in his heart a desire to make known to others what a precious friend he has found in Jesus;” –Steps to Christ, Page 78.

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