12: Rewards of Faithfulness-Sabbath School Lesson Teaching Plan

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Prepared by William Earnhardt for Sabbath School class, March 25, 2023.

Main Theme: While saved by grace, God rewards faithfulness.

Read in Class: Hebrews 11:6, Isaiah 40:10, Revelation 22:12. Define the common thread of these passages.

Study: What doe these texts mean to us? What do they teach us? How should we respond?

Apply: How do we understand the difference between salvation by grace and a reward according to works?

Share: Your friend asks, “Why is God rewarding us by our works when we are saved by grace?” What do you tell your friend? For a hint see Saved by Faith, Rewarded by Righteousness.

Read in Class: Revelation 21:1-4, 7-8. Discuss the main idea of this passage.

Study: What are some of the things that we are promised?

Apply: Read Revelation 21:8, about the fate of those who will face the second death. Which sin of those depicted there cannot have been forgiven by Jesus? Why, then, are these people lost when some who have done the same things are saved? What is the crucial difference between these two groups?

Share: Your friend asks why God does not save people who are cowardly or fearful? Why be so harsh with someone just for being fearful? What do you tell your friend?

Read in Class: Matthew 25:14-23. Define the main idea of this passage.

Study:  What does God say to those who were faithful money managers in supporting His cause? What does it mean to “enter into the joy of your lord?”

Apply: How are you going to fare when God comes to “settle accounts” with you?

Share: Your friend asks why the master was so harsh on the man who only had one talent? What do you tell your friend.

Read in Class: Romans 8:16-18. Define the main idea of this passage.

Study: How was the knowledge that he was a child of God a factor in his faithfulness?

Apply: How have the things you have already suffered helped you become more faithful to God?

Share: Can you think of someone who is going through a hard time and struggling to be faithful? What word of encouragement can you share with them this week?

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