7: Worshiping the Creator-Sabbath School Lesson Teaching Plan

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

Prepared by William Earnhardt for Sabbath School class, May 13, 2023.

Main Theme: Our natures are created for worship. We all worship something. The only question is what do we worship? Only God deserves our worship.

Read in Class: Revelation 1:9, Matthew 13:21 and Acts 14:22. Define the common thread of these passages.

Study: What’s the message here for all who seek to follow Jesus in this world?

Apply: Have you ever been persecuted or inconvenienced because of your beliefs? If faithful servants of God, like John, face suffering and tribulation, what makes us think we, ourselves, won’t face trouble either? (See 1 Pet. 4:12-15).

Share: Your friend says, the reason the church does not see more persecution is because the church fits right in with the rest of the world. Is your friend right? Why, or why not?

Read in Class: 2 Corinthians 5:17, Acts 17:27, and Colossians 1:17. Define the common thread of these passages.

Study: What do these verses teach us about the closeness of God?

Apply: How can we learn to draw hope and comfort from understanding the immanence of God? Or does it scare you, because God knows your darkest secrets? How should the gospel give you peace in that context?

Share: Your friend asks you how you know God is real? Have you seen Him actually work in your won life where you knew without a doubt it was God? What do you tell your friend?

Read in Class: Ephesians 3:9, Romans 5:17-19, Colossians 1:13-17 and Revelation 4:11. Define the common thread of these passages.

Study: What do these texts teach about Jesus as Creator and Redeemer?

Apply: Why is Jesus worthy of your worship? Why is no one else worthy of your worship?

Share: Your friend says God must be on some ego trip to want everyone to worship Him all the time? What do you tell your friend? See also, Why worshiping God Must be a Choice and not an Addiction.

Read in Class: Revelation 14:6-7. What is the main idea of this passage?

Study: What does worship have to do with the everlasting Gospel? What reason does the angel give for worshipping God and what commandment do these words remind us of? How is that commandment linked with the everlasting Gospel?

Apply: Earlier we talked about being persecuted for our beliefs, but is it always just beliefs we are persecuted for? How do your actions and acts of worship set you apart from the rest of the world?

Share: How can you share the everlasting Gospel with your actions as well as words this week?