Growth Group Lesson #9 – Shout

by Pr Denis Sand –

Objective of today’s dialogue: Challenge your group to be missionaries in their circle of influence and bring others to Christ.

Welcome (15’) – Fellowship

• What is the one thing that people in your family and friends love to talk the most about?
• What do you love to talk about the most when you are with friends and why?

Worship (15’) – Worship
• Read Psalms 47:6-7
I’m a friend of God
Shout To The Lord
• Take time to give thanks to God. Ask, what is the most important thing for which you are thankful to God this week? Pray together

Word (30’) – Discipleship
• Read Luke 8:26-39
• What would have been your reaction if you had been there with Jesus and the demon possessed man approached you running and screaming?
• To what extent do you think demons are active today?
• Why do people fear after the miracle and ask Jesus to leave the area? v35,37
• In what ways do people today ask Jesus to leave them alone?
• Why did Jesus says no to the request of wanting to go with Him? v38,39
• What would it mean and how could we apply the command “Return home and tell how much God has done for you.”? v39
• What transformation has God done, and is doing in your life that you can share?
• Why is it harder or easier to share with family, friends and acquaintances about what Jesus has done in our lives?
• What consequences could we experience if we share with others what God has done in our lives?
• What is God impressing you to do? What is He telling you through today’s topic?

• To do: Work on memorizing Jesus’ command in Luke 8.39. Prepare this verse in a card, and invite everyone to practice it!

Works – Witness (15’) – Ministry & Evangelism
• Do the circle of influence exercise. Ask everyone to fill the three circles with the names of family, friends, and acquaintances who have not given their lives to Jesus.
• Ask each person to select two names. Write all those names in a “Group’s Blessing List”. Pray as a group for them and work to reach them.
• Our vision is to reach our circles of influences!
• Place the “Blessing List” in the middle of the group and ask each one to place one hand over the page. Pray for those names so each will be blessed and will come to give their lives to Christ.

Refreshments– Fellowship
• Talk about those family, friends and acquaintances who need Christ, learn as much as you can about them, and the relationship members have with them.

Additional Resources:  Desire of Ages, 337-341

Growth Group Lesson #12 Rejoice Lesson #13 Share

Dialogue  # 12 –  Rejoice  (Please Scroll Down for Lesson 13)

by Pr Denis Sand –

Objective of today’s dialogue: Challenge the group to live life to the fullest remembering that God will ask us to give account of everything we have done

Welcome (15) – Fellowship

  • What was the most exciting and fun thing for you to do when you were an early teen or teen and why?
  • Is there anything you did in those days that you regret now or that if you could go back you would do different? Could you share what and why?

Worship (15) – Worship

  • Read Psalms 34.1-3
  • Shout to the Lord
  • Above all
  • In groups of three, share what God has done in your life that fills you with peace, joy, happiness.
  • Pray together in those groups giving thanks for what has been shared.

Word (30) – Discipleship

  • Read Ecclesiastes 11:9-12.1,13,14
  • Why is God, trough Solomon, telling us to be happy, rejoice, follow our ways and the desires of our hearts and eyes? 11:9
  • How can we have fun, rejoice in light of the judgment, as found in the second part of verse 9?
  • Why is Solomon saying we should cast away all anxiety and troubles of the body? v10
  • How do we usually forget our Creator in our youth? 12:1 How should we remember Him?
  • Why do we need to remember and honor God before we get old? What’s the difference? 12:1-7
  • How do you feel about been judged for all you do?
  • How does the reality of judgment and eternity affect our daily decisions? 11:9; 12:13,14
  • What changes should we make to our lives in order to remember/honor Him now?
  • What did you hear God telling you tonight?
  • To do: Challenge the group to memorize Ecclesiastes 11:9, and live it!

Works – Witness (15) – Ministry & Evangelism

  • What changes do we feel we need to make in order to have real group life?
  • If you haven’t been able to multiply, what would it take to make it happen?
  • How can this group pray for you tonight?

Refreshments– Fellowship

  • Ask informally for people who might be invited to the new groups.

Dialogue  # 013 –  Share

by Pr Denis Sand –

Objective of today’s dialogue: invite the group to give themselves completely out of love and to live as a family of God in their group.

Worship (15) – Worship

Welcome (10) – Fellowship

  • What kind of sacrifices did your parents have to do for you?
  • What kind of things were you willing to do, even sacrifice, for your loved ones?

Word (25) – Discipleship

  • Read 1 Thessalonians 2.1-12 
  • Why Paul says that his visit to Thessalonica was not a failure? v1,2
  • What was the double motivation behind their visit and what should be ours in our group? v3-6
  • What is and how can we accomplish the two-fold mission of our group? v8
  • How do we get to have this love for people as our motivation so we are delighted to do it? v8
  • How can we have the kind of commitment Paul had, especially for the members of our group? v9
  • Why do you think Paul mentions the kind of live they lived among them? v10 Any teaching for us here?
  • How can we accomplish the job described in v11-12 in our group?
  • What changes do we need to make in order to apply today’s message?
  • What did you hear God telling you tonight?
  • To do: Challenge the group to memorize and live our GG key text: 1 Thessalonians 2:8

Works – Witness (20) – Ministry & Evangelism

  • Leader, this is the time to shared the vision with passion! invite everyone to join the vision not simply a group meeting. Invite them to become the family of God that reaches for the lost.
  • Being this the first meeting of this new group, reflect with the group on how are we going to make this group not only work but multiply?
  • Talk about details: when will we meet, where, who will be invited, how are we going to work, who are the leaders, what are our responsibilities?
  • How can this group pray for you tonight?

Refreshments– Fellowship – (all groups together)

  • When you talk, concentrate on praising God for what He has done with our group!
  • Get to know people.