Edith and Dorothy’s Baptism Pictures

This Sabbath we finished our “2012 In Light of The Cross” week or prayer seminar with two beautiful baptisms. The Lake Placid Seventh-day Adventist Church, led by Pastor Rafael Fernandez, is a very evangelistic church in a beautiful community. I was given the privilege of spending a week, giving a revival, focusing on the cross. Hearts were touched and changed as we explored the depths of Christ’s sacrifice and forgiveness, and how the power of His love and grace makes it possible for us to live a more abundant life. One lady testified in our final meeting tonight, with tears in her eyes, that after our presentation on forgiveness last night, she was finally able to forgive and let go of a grudge that has lasted more than a year. Another member testified that they did not realize how legalistic some of their opinions were until they saw the gospel presented in the light of the cross. It was a wonderful week, exploring the power of the cross, and all of the realities and possibilities that are ours now because of Christ’s sacrifice.  Another lady told me she was so excited about what she was learning about the cross every night, that she took notes of all the sermons and e-mailed them to her family and friends. You just can’t keep the good news to yourself!

Because of the amazing love of God, two beautiful ladies gave their lives to Jesus in baptism, because He had given His life for them.

Dorothy said she has been looking for a spirit filled church in Lake Placid, and she found it in the Seventh-day Adventist Church!

Just before being baptized, Edith testified to the church family that she hopes her husband will be baptized soon one day. I don’t know if she knew or not, but her husband had just told the pastor today that he wants to be baptized too! Too often I have seen one spouse wait upon the other to be baptized, and then neither one ever gets baptized. Edith stepped out in faith, and followed Jesus, and now her husband will soon be baptized as well. Praise God!

Dr. Roa pictured on the left with his wife, began Bible studies, and a Revelation Seminar in his office with some of his patients. Dorothy attended the seminars and decided to be baptized. Dorothy came to our revival meetings every night and said she was strengthened by them, but she had already made up her mind to follow Jesus and be baptized, while Dr.Roa and his family were befriending her and giving her Bible studies. On the far right is Nora, Dr. Roa’s nurse. She has played a big part too, in Dorothy deciding to be baptized. Nora often prays with the patients when they come into Dr. Roa’s clinic.

Edith was raised in the Adventist church but wandered away. She decided she really needed to get married to her boyfriend, so just a couple weeks ago they had a wedding, which the Lake Placid Seventh-day Adventist church graciously provided for them as a gift! Talk about a supportive church family! The power of God’s love has been seen in Edith’s family as they are following through on major life changing decisions in order to have a closer relationship with Jesus. I wanted my picture with Edith’s family and Pastor Ferandez taken by this picture, because I love the title, “Lost no more.”

Mrs. Roa gives Dorothy a great big hug. Hugs were all over the place today! As well as Revelation Seminars, and Bible studies, the Roas and the Lake Placid Seventh-day Adventist Church have an excellent CHIPS program, promoting better health, which has been attended by many in the Lake Placid community, including the mayor.

Our Sabbath ended in Lake Placid tonight, with a beautiful rainbow, a symbol of God’s promise of love and grace. If God’s love and grace has been working on your heart, and you would like to know more about baptism, I would love to talk with you. You may reach me at LayPAstor@TampaAdventist.net

Glimpses of Our God; Love Stories

I am writing today from the beautiful Lake Placid Florida Seventh-day Adventist Church.

This week I have been holding revival meetings at the Lake Placid Seventh-day Adventist Church. I love this place! The people are spectacular. Very warm and friendly, and very much interested in learning more about the cross and the love of Jesus. The meetings were designed to be a revival for the church, but anytime a church has a revival it also becomes more fruitful and evangelic. As well as the church members coming for a week of spiritual emphasis, they have also been bringing their friends, and we will be having two baptisms this Sabbath!

I have not written any new material for this week’s Sabbath school lesson, so since this week’s topic is on “love stories” I would like to share a previous post that I wrote a while back on what romance means to me.  Thank you for keeping our meetings in your prayers!