Growth Group Lesson #3 – Success

by Pr Denis Sand –

Objective of today’s dialogue: Challenge your group to make the Bible their guide and final authority for all their decisions.

Welcome (15) – Fellowship
• Were you ever appointed to replace a very talented and successful person? Share how it feels.
• What do you think is the reason why some people are successful in life while others are not?

Worship (15) – Worship
• Read Psalms 34:1-3
Above all
• Do a popcorn prayer in which each person can give thanks to God for what He is doing in their lives.

Word (30) – Discipleship
• Read Joshua 1:1-8
• What is God promising Joshua and the people of Israel? v1-5,8
• How would you feel if God promises you prosperity and success? v5
• Why do we need to be reminded that God will be at our side at all times? v5
• Why is God telling Joshua to be brave, courageous so many times? v6,7,9
• What does it mean not to turn to the right or left from the law? v7
• What do you think God is trying to tell us in v8?
• How can we meditate on it daily and keep it in our mouths? v8
• Why is success and prosperity tied with obeying and following God’s counsel in the Bible?
• What benefits could we experience if we make the Bible our guide when making daily decisions?
• Share an experience where following God’s advice gave you success.
• How are you integrating the principles of the Bible to your daily life?
• Would you like to study the Bible, get to know Jesus, and discover the divine principles for success?
• What is God telling you tonight?

• To do: Write now on a small card the key text of this week Joshua 1:8. Carry it in your wallet or pocket, place it in your fridge and memorize it.

Works (15) – Ministry & Evangelism
• What can we do as a group to promote the Bible as the key to a successful life?
• Do you know anyone that needs to make the Bible the foundation of his/her life? how can we help them decide to follow God and His word?
• Write their names and invite them to next week group meeting
• Share the vision of reaching others so they can have Jesus as their Savior and experience real success in life.

Refreshments– Fellowship
• Find the way by which you can talk to people during refreshments. Try to talk to those new in the group. Build relationships!

Growth Group Lesson #6 – Cost

by Pr Denis Sand –

Objective of today’s dialogue: Challenge people to give it all for being a disciple of Jesus no matter the cost. To have Jesus as our top priority in our lives.

Additional resources: Read and study the material on the following pages about how to consecrate ourselves completely and be willing to pay the price.

Welcome (15) – Fellowship
• What was the cost you have to face when you decided to go to college, or move to the U.S? Or even getting married?
• What made you think it was worth it?
• What helped you be willing to pay the cost?

Worship (15) – Worship
• Read Psalm 33:1-3
Shout to the Lord
Above all
• Give thanks as a group for the things God is doing in the world and in your life.
• Pray together.

Word (30) – Discipleship
• Read Luke 14:25-33
• What did Jesus mean with “hate” father, mother, children, brother, sister and own life? v26
• In your words and practically, what is the cost of being a disciple of Christ? v26
• What happens when a person doesn’t count the cost of being a disciple?
• What is the meaning of the phrase “carry his cross and follow me” in v27?
• What lesson about the cost of being a disciple, can we draw from the parable of building a tower and the king going to war? v28-30, v31-32
• How do you feel about the cost of being a disciple? v33.
• Why is it really worth it to follow Jesus? Read Luke 9.23-25. Explain
• What costs of following Jesus seem high to people today? And to you right now?
• How can you apply Jesus’ counsel in v33?
• Read Gal 2:20 and see how Paul pay the price and was living his life
• Testimony: Share what price you had to pay to be a disciple of Jesus.
• What is God telling you tonight?

• To do: Write now on a small card the key text of this week Luke 9:23. Carry it in your wallet or pocket, place it in your fridge or car and memorize it during this week.

Works – Witness (15) – Ministry & Evangelism
• Do you know anyone who is struggling with paying the price of being a disciple of Christ?
• How will you help this week that person to see it’s really worth it?
• Call or visit them and tell them why for you it’s really, really worthy to be a disciple.
• Don’t forget to invite them to next week growth group meeting!

Refreshments– Fellowship
• Remember to talk to visitors! Learn their names, find what they do, what they passionate about, their worries and challenges
Additional Resources:  Steps to Christ – Chapter 5 – Consecration

Growth Group Lesson #9 – Shout

by Pr Denis Sand –

Objective of today’s dialogue: Challenge your group to be missionaries in their circle of influence and bring others to Christ.

Welcome (15’) – Fellowship

• What is the one thing that people in your family and friends love to talk the most about?
• What do you love to talk about the most when you are with friends and why?

Worship (15’) – Worship
• Read Psalms 47:6-7
I’m a friend of God
Shout To The Lord
• Take time to give thanks to God. Ask, what is the most important thing for which you are thankful to God this week? Pray together

Word (30’) – Discipleship
• Read Luke 8:26-39
• What would have been your reaction if you had been there with Jesus and the demon possessed man approached you running and screaming?
• To what extent do you think demons are active today?
• Why do people fear after the miracle and ask Jesus to leave the area? v35,37
• In what ways do people today ask Jesus to leave them alone?
• Why did Jesus says no to the request of wanting to go with Him? v38,39
• What would it mean and how could we apply the command “Return home and tell how much God has done for you.”? v39
• What transformation has God done, and is doing in your life that you can share?
• Why is it harder or easier to share with family, friends and acquaintances about what Jesus has done in our lives?
• What consequences could we experience if we share with others what God has done in our lives?
• What is God impressing you to do? What is He telling you through today’s topic?

• To do: Work on memorizing Jesus’ command in Luke 8.39. Prepare this verse in a card, and invite everyone to practice it!

Works – Witness (15’) – Ministry & Evangelism
• Do the circle of influence exercise. Ask everyone to fill the three circles with the names of family, friends, and acquaintances who have not given their lives to Jesus.
• Ask each person to select two names. Write all those names in a “Group’s Blessing List”. Pray as a group for them and work to reach them.
• Our vision is to reach our circles of influences!
• Place the “Blessing List” in the middle of the group and ask each one to place one hand over the page. Pray for those names so each will be blessed and will come to give their lives to Christ.

Refreshments– Fellowship
• Talk about those family, friends and acquaintances who need Christ, learn as much as you can about them, and the relationship members have with them.

Additional Resources:  Desire of Ages, 337-341

Growth Group Lesson #10 – Priorities

by Pr Denis Sand –

Objective of today’s dialogue: Challenge people to make God their first and foremost priority in their lives.

Welcome (15’) – Fellowship

• What kind of things gets people or you so exited that you forget to do some other things?
• How good are you at doing what needs to be done instead of what others want, or what you feel or want to do?

Worship (15’) – Worship
• Read Psalms 117:1-2
Shout to the Lord
Be still and know
• Give thanks in groups of three, sharing with others what God is doing for you lately. Pray in those groups

Word (30’) – Discipleship
• Read Luke 9:57-62

• Why do you think Jesus responds in this way to the first man in this story? v57,58
• What is the common thing between the second and third man’s response? And how does it relate or apply to us? v59,61
• What is Jesus asking them and us to do? And why? v60, 62
• What loyalties conflict with our commitment to Christ?
• Think about your current use of time, resources, your dreams and thoughts, what order of priorities do they reveal? How do you think God feels about this?
• Read Matthew 6:33 How important is God considering your daily schedule?
• Consider the well know phrase “First things first” along with Psalms 46:10. What should you do about it?
• What changes should we make in order to place the kingdom of God first in our lives? How can the group help in making it a reality?
• What is God telling you tonight?

• To do: Repeat together and memorize Matthew 6:33. Remember to live by it from now on!

Works – Witness (15’) – Ministry & Evangelism
• Ask each person to write down their priorities and then assign them a numerical order according to their importance. Challenge people to place God as number 1!
• If the kingdom of God should be placed first, consider as a group who should we visit together as a group this week. When and how? Coordinate the details and make it happen. Go visit, pray and ask for God’s blessing upon them.
• How can this group pray for you tonight?

Refreshments– Fellowship
• Use this time wisely. Put the Kingdom of God first in all your conversations, talking with love to visitors or new members.

Growth Group Lesson Plan #24 – Invited

by Pr Denis Sand –

Objective of today’s dialogue: Invite people to see that our choices reflect our priorities and will determine our eternal consequences. Invite each one to choose eternal life today.

Welcome (15) – Fellowship
• Why do people in our days attend parties and banquets?
• What makes you decide if you would go or not? Be honest please!
• How do you feel when people don’t show up to a party you have organized? Why?

Worship (15) – Worship
• Read Psalms 81:1-2
Shout to the Lord
Who am I
• Thanksgiving time: What is the most amazing thing God has done for you in your life? Briefly share it with the rest of the group. End praying in groups of three.

Word (30) – Discipleship
• Read Luke 14:15-24
• Why do you think Jesus compares the kingdom of heaven with a huge party/banquet?
• Why do you think people excuse themselves from coming to the party? v18-20
• What was wrong with their excuses?
• How do you think God feels when we don’t value or even pay attention to the great feast that He is preparing?
• What can we learn from v21 where the outcasts are invited to come?
• How is eternal life similar and different to this party?
• Why do you think the master wants the house to be full? v23
• What is the role of our choices here? v23,24
• How do you feel with the idea that not everyone will get to participate in the party?
• In what way is our role before God similar to the servant who carried the invitation?
• What kind of changes do you need to make in your life in order to make sure you are not left out at God’s party?
• What do you think is God trying to tell you tonight?
• Pray

• To do: Read and challenge people to memorize Matthew 6.33

Works – Witness (15) – Ministry & Evangelism
• Think of people who need to be invited to the feast.
• Mention their names and pray for them. Plan to do something so they are invited!
• What is the purpose of our group?
• How can we can pray for you tonight?

Refreshments– Fellowship
• Go around asking for names of people who need to be invited to Jesus Feast.
• Make sure you invite them to the party!

Additional Resourcesby Ellen White, Christ’s Object Lessons, 219-237