John 9:Skeptics Come and go

I am writing today from the beautiful Tampa Bay area.

In John 9 I read about a blind man that Jesus heals so that he can see. The Pharisees, then want to accuse Jesus for healing on the Sabbath. At the same time though, they are insinuating that the man was never blind and therefore Jesus did not really heal him. A lot of people think  if Jesus were here today we would have all the evidence we need, but skepticism reigns in every age, even while Jesus walked the earth. So it is today. Years ago, in the church I was attending at the time, an older lady was diagnosed with breast cancer. The church prayed, and later the doctors said the cancer had disappeared! While many praised the Lord for healing the lady, a few others openly said she must have never had cancer in the first place, and must have been misdiagnosed. The same thing happened when Jesus healed the blind man. The Pharisees took it upon themselves to see if he was really the blind man or someone else, or if he was ever really blind in the first place.

Don’t let skeptics discourage you from believing the Word of God. There have been skeptics in every age. Skeptics come and go, but God’s Word endures from age to age.

Acts of the Apostles-The Great Commission

I am writing tonight from the beautiful Tampa Bay area. But this picture is not in the Tampa Bay area. Can you tell where it is?

Acts of the Apostles Chapter 3

After the death of Christ the disciples were well-nigh overcome by discouragement. Their Master had been rejected, condemned, and crucified. The priests and rulers had declared scornfully, “He saved others; Himself He cannot save. If He be the King of Israel, let Him now come down from the cross, and we will believe Him.” Matthew 27:42. The sun of the disciples’ hope had set, and night settled down upon their hearts. Often they repeated the words, “We trusted that it had been He which should have redeemed Israel.” Luke 24:21. Lonely and sick at heart, they remembered His words, “If they do these things in a green tree, what shall be done in the dry?” Luke 23:31. 

     Jesus had several times attempted to open the future to His disciples, but they had not cared to think about what He said. Because of this His death had come to them as a surprise; and afterward, as they reviewed the past and saw the result of their unbelief, they were filled with sorrow. {AA 25.1} 

 The early church started with a disappointment. The disciples did not understand the Scriptures said Christ had to die, even though Jesus told them plainly. They got excited about their own plans for Christ and got carried away. They were mocked and ridiculed by the Jews and the non believers. Then when Christ was resurrected they were accused of making up the story to cover their embarrassment that He had died. Fact is, even though they made a mistake and misunderstood Scripture, they were still God’s people, and Christ was indeed resurrected and commissioned them to take the good news to all the world.

Later in 1844 God’s people suffered another disappointment. They did not understand that the 2300 day prophecy of Daniel pointed to the sanctuary message and not a time prophecy for Christ’s return. Even though the Bible taught clearly against setting times and dates for Christ’s return God’s people once again got carried away. When Christ did not return in 1844 they were disappointed as the disciples were at the cross. They were mocked and ridiculed. Then when they discovered that the 2300 day message actually was about the sanctuary they were accused of making it all up to cover their embarrassment. But even though they made a mistake they were still God’s people and He has commissioned them to take the good news to all the world.

When people mock and ridicule the saints of God in 1844 they do exactly what the Jews did to the disciples at the cross. In both cases the mocking and ridiculing leads to unbelief in God Himself.

Thankfully none of the accusations in either case holds any water and the everlasting gospel will outlast all the lies and accusations will triumph! Here are some wonderful promises found in the current chapter of Acts of the Apostles.

The disciples were to carry their work forward in Christ’s name. Their every word and act was to fasten attention on His name, as possessing that vital power by which sinners may be saved. Their faith was to center in Him who is the source of mercy and power. In His name they were to present their petitions to the Father, and they would receive answer. They were to baptize in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Christ’s name was to be their watchword, their badge of distinction, their bond of union, the authority for their course of action, and the source of their success. Nothing was to be recognized in His kingdom that did not bear His name and superscription.  {AA 28.2} 


Christ did not tell His disciples that their work would be easy. He showed them the vast confederacy of evil arrayed against them. They would have to fight “against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12. But they would not be left to fight alone. He assured them that He would be with them; and that if they would go forth in faith, they should move under the shield of Omnipotence. He bade them be brave and strong; for One mightier than angels would be in their ranks–the General of the armies of heaven. He made full provision for the prosecution of their work and took upon Himself the responsibility of its success. So long as they obeyed His word, and worked in connection with Him, they could not fail. Go to all nations, He bade them. Go to the farthest part of the habitable globe and be assured that My presence will be with you even there. Labor in faith and confidence; for the time will never come when I will forsake you. I will be with you always, helping you to perform your duty, guiding, comforting, sanctifying, sustaining you, giving you success in speaking words that shall draw the attention of others to heaven.  {AA 29.1} 

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