My Personal Saturday Night Ritual


Okay I want to share something personal on my blog tonight. I mean what’s the point of having a personal blog if you don’t write personal things.  It’s not a big deal, but I want to share with you a personal ritual that I have. I share this because I wonder if anyone else does this or if they themselves have any personal rituals that no one else knows about or may be unique.



Here is what I have been doing for a long time now. My ritual is the way I wind down on Saturday nights, not just from the day but kind of from the whole week. I love it when my Sabbaths are full and busy. Often at the end of a very full and busy Sabbath Saturday night will find me with a group somewhere or maybe two or three friends having a quiet dinner at a restaurant. To me that is a very relaxing way to end the day. But then I do something else that I am not sure if anyone else ever does or not. Here goes:



After I leave my friends at the end of the night and everyone else goes home to bed I go to a convenience store and buy my favorite cherry Soda. I then get in my car, put in my favorite CDs and cruise Tampa Bay, especially Bayshore as I just relax, cruise and think about what a wonderful life I have and what a wonderful week it has been. I relive in my mind the highlights of the week. I think about my friends and the nice things they said and did that week. I think about the answers to prayers and little miracles I saw that week. It could be anything from someone we anointed at church surviving a risky surgery or it could be something simple but just as inspiring, like someone showing up at church after getting upset and saying they would never come back. I may contemplate something I said or did that was rude and then contemplate how forgiving the person was who I said that to, and how quickly they forgot what I did. I will then ask myself to be just as loving and forgiving, and ask God to help me be nicer.



Any way I just drive around for a few minutes all by myself contemplating what a beautiful place I live in, what good friends I have, and how lucky I am. I love being with friends, but I also really love my time alone with just God and my thoughts. I love reflecting on life and even analyzing it a little bit. Sometimes when I think of getting married I fear that I will not have any time to myself anymore. I think I may be different in the fact that I love both being with friends and being all alone. As a single person I get to be in control of when I am with people and when I am alone.



I love my Sabbaths. I love them full and busy and with friends. Then at the end of the night I love ending it with just God and me and a nice cruise, relaxing to my favorite drink and CDs as I reflect on the day and previous week. I love driving along the shore. I love driving through the old neighborhoods on Davis Island. I love driving by the old churches we used to meet in over on Nebraska Avenue and Florida Avenue and just wondering what a Sabbath looked like there 50 or so years ago.  Wierd I know. I reflect on all my blessings and thank God for my life and for everyone and everything He has brought into it. Then I go home to bed with warm fuzzies in my heart. Sound like a strange ritual? I have never shared this with anyone before. If you have any personal rituals please share them with me. Sharing is fun.


  1. I think it sounds like a really great ritual. Now days people don’t take a lot of time for just enjoying the present moment or reflecting on one’s own life or the lives of others. Some people don’t even like where they live to enjoy even that. So,to just take time and “smell the roses” is almost lost concept for most people. Always something to do or people to interact with. Yep when you’re married or a parent you don’t get the much needed alone time that we really need even it’s 15 minutes a day.

    The only ritual I find myself thinking of right now is getting up every morning feeding the four cats and then while their eating checking my e-mail. That’s what I’ve been doing while at home without a job. When I do get a job the feeding cat thing will continue, but the checking my e-mail every morning will probably go to every evening.


  2. That’s a wonderful way to end the Sabbath. Usually Mike and I spend some quiet time at home eating parmesan popcorn and listening to some great music or perhaps a movie.


  3. Hey, we have a similar ritual! But I don’t do those on Saturdays, I do them on Sundays. I always keep myself busy with relaxing activities the whole day, so that I don’t get depressed because the next day is Monday!

    I totally agree with you that spending quiet chill days doing something that you enjoy and relaxing are priceless.


  4. our Saturday night ritual, more often than not, consists of a large group of us going out eat after vespers at a local mom and pop Italian place and several of us getting together, uausally at our house for games,and or homemade cookies, fun and fellowship till 12 or later.

    Nothing like spending time with God’s family OUTSIDE of church when you can really get to know one another!


  5. My fabulous Saturday night ritual:

    Drag three baskets of laundry over to my mother’s house and watch cable TV (got rid of mine a year ago) while doing laundry! After a full day of church and rehearsal, this feels relaxing.



  6. I like to drive too, William, not only on Saturday nights. I love to drive a stick shift when I have the opportunity and just discover new places. I helps that God has blessed me with a near perfect sense of direction so I can find my way home after I get tired. On Saturday nights, I like to have a few friends over, put them to work in my kitchen (Dorine and others can attest to this), make some pizza and chat, tell jokes or play games.


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